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Need some gift vouchers , my son wants his sleeve finished!

Steve wood
- Saturday 08th 2014f November 2014 - 14:49

Great job by Dud, fitted me in for a 2 day 3 1/2 hour tat looks great and a great freindly crew, original designs. The best shop for miles around,going back for more later in August. cheers guys

Nottingham - Monday 11th 2014f August 2014 - 15:22

I have been looking for the right tattoo studio, as I have the need for cover-up and rework of old tat`s, and looking for some new one`s, I think DNA have my answers,hope you can help. Regards, Pete "Geezer"

Peter Pound-Gray "Geezer"
Perranporth - Sunday 20th 2014f July 2014 - 14:18


Newquay - Wednesday 01st 2014f January 2014 - 19:20

love the bio mechanical cover up on taz well impressed see you in January for round 3

stephen bagshaw
cheltenham - Saturday 21st 2013f December 2013 - 14:05

Loving my castle ruins! They fill in the sleeve just great!

Afghanistan - Monday 20th 2013f May 2013 - 06:32

★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★ ★ Happy New Year Everyone ★ ★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★⋱⋰★⋰⋱★

Newquay - Monday 31st 2013f December 2012 - 23:36

Requiring a gift voucher

Richard Kitson
Fowey - Thursday 13th 2012f December 2012 - 23:00

loving my new fairy on my arm, healing well, thanks Simon

- Monday 08th 2012f October 2012 - 23:52

An amazing cover up by Simon thanks!

Leeds - Sunday 07th 2012f October 2012 - 19:00

Happy New Year to everyone!

Newquay - Sunday 01st 2011f January 2012 - 15:49

thinking about getting a tattoo my cousin got one from you recently and I loved it.

Maurica a. LeFrancois
milford,me. - Saturday 10th 2011f December 2011 - 06:38

Great stuff....lovely people too xxx

Padstow - Tuesday 15th 2011f November 2011 - 13:34

Yet another great tattoo done by Dud in July. Missed 3 years but will be back next year for sure. Dud is still the best and it was great to see all my friends again. Bob (cat man)

Bob wiggins
Tamworth - Tuesday 18th 2011f October 2011 - 11:55

Dudley done an amazing tattoo on my lower back of a butterfly a couple of years ago. Will be coming back soon to have my sons name tattood on my wrist. Dudley is awesome and will be asking for him to do my next tattoo x

kim george
st.austell, cornwall - Sunday 16th 2011f October 2011 - 18:39

Cheers Simon my tat has just about healed you did an amazing job on it, it makes my other look rubbish so I will be in contact to see if it could be made as mint as the one you did! Cheers

Leeds - Wednesday 12th 2011f October 2011 - 21:16

mates just had his tat turned into a sleeve by you looks brill may change mine now,

paul baxter
st.austell - Saturday 25th 2011f June 2011 - 23:04

Thanks Dudley, the pisces tattoo you did for me is absolutely awesome i love it! Especially as its my first you made me feel really at ease. Seriously guys ask for Dudley =]

Alex Living
- Monday 06th 2011f June 2011 - 15:18

Big hellllloooo to Dudley!!

Emma Hilton-Smith
east grinstead - Friday 03rd 2011f June 2011 - 15:24

less then a week in and my horse looks AMAZING!! Simon you managed to succeed in satisfying my expectations and the length of the 2nd wing and angle is just PERFECT! my friend asked me how it felt.. Painfully exciting!! will be back.. I will email you a picture - Thank you guys!! you ROCK!

Gemma Read
Isle Of Wight - Sunday 29th 2011f May 2011 - 09:33

cheers simon great tattoo on my leg stags head hope to see u in the summer

craig keeling
mansfield - Sunday 17th 2011f April 2011 - 18:28

Many thanks for a terrific tattoo experience. The portrait likness is more than I could have possibly hoped for and worth every penny and the wait. Regards, Dion.

Dion Sutherns
St Eval - Saturday 12th 2011f March 2011 - 18:15

Hi Dud its Glory, Gary Goodes big sister, remember me. just checking your still around,hope your well and alls good.wonna come and see you in april.best wishes.glory.

gloria sandercock
at the moment turkey - Thursday 20th 2011f January 2011 - 00:13

Dudley has once again come up trumps and given me a fantastic tattoo which is admired by all who see. Thanks very much and I will see you again soon I am sure!

Tracey Fielden
Surrey - Wednesday 12th 2011f January 2011 - 13:20

famtastic work simon did a a very special piece for me it was my dog tattooed on me its amazing going back this friday to get more work done by simon. amazing tattoo place :)

kimberley henry
cornwall - Wednesday 15th 2010f December 2010 - 11:37

Hi Dud,Simon and Grace. Hope all is well with you all.Not been able to get down to have my usual tattoo but we are coming down for sure early next july so will be in touch for an appointment. Looking forward to seeing you all have a merry xmas and a happy new year to you all.Regards Bob (catman)

Bob Wiggins
Tamworth,staffs - Thursday 09th 2010f December 2010 - 04:27

Just having a look at your posh web site!!! Very Nice!!!! Loads of love Laura xxxxxxx

Laura Elliott
Italy - Friday 26th 2010f November 2010 - 23:29

just to say great work agian st georges eyes seem to follow you everywhere and the roses are just brill see you in march

mick lovelock
burton on trent - Sunday 19th 2010f September 2010 - 09:32

cheers guys for fitting us in before i went in october and for the amazing job you did on betty grable be back in 6 month for my next one

matthew wilde
cornwall - Tuesday 14th 2010f September 2010 - 12:39

hey guys, Dudley did a cracking piece on my lower back about 5 years ago of a lotus flower and tribal and it still looks as good as the day it was done x cheers folks x

Kelly Paris
Plymouth Devon - Sunday 01st of August 2010 - 17:00

Thanks for squeezing me in on Thursday Simon, will be back to sort cover up soon as possible!

Devon - Friday 11th of June 2010 - 22:09

I had Paul written on my wrist on Sunday, it was my first tattoo and i was a little scared!!!! I am so pleased with it. Everyone was so kind and helpful and will be back for more!! x

kelly white
Loughborough, Leicestershire - Tuesday 01st of June 2010 - 09:27

Im going to get a tattoo done at DNA when im 18, because its such a clean environment. Want to have a clef on my thigh with little musical notes around it.

Newquay, Cornwall - Sunday 28th of March 2010 - 18:32

Hey dudley thanks for a great bit of art on my arm, your work is fantastic and i shall be back to replace the rest of my skin on my upper body.

Garrie Lawrence
redruth - Friday 19th of March 2010 - 13:30

Hi Dudley Thanks for a fantastic reworking of my old piece and my Hoofing new Orca. No pain - No gain!! Looking forward to the next one. Cheers Matt.

Haida Matt
North Somerset - Saturday 20th of February 2010 - 18:52

Thank u 4 another fab piece of artwork - looking forward to the next :D

Cullompton, Devon - sun 14 feb 10 - Sunday 14th of February 2010 - 18:31

wants a japanese leg slieve done

Jay Thomas
REDRUTH CORNWALL - Tuesday 09th of February 2010 - 15:34

Thanks Dudley for my Bow looks fab. xxx

Zoe McDonald
Newquay - Saturday 30th of January 2010 - 19:27

thinking of getting new tatttoo on my back but not sure what

julie dee
berkshire - Wednesday 20th of January 2010 - 08:35

I've always wanted a tattoo but wasnt allowed. Got shot of the old man and got one. DNA ARE THE BEST. Didn't hurt one bit. I've got two now and want more coz they are great. Thank you.

Hannah Rosevear
ST AUSTELL - Saturday 01st of August 2009 - 08:52

Dud's has just about completed a cover up of two very badly drawn tattoos on my back, they looked they had been drawn by Johnny aged five with a giant crayon. thanks to Dud's skill and artistic mind i can now walk the beach with my top off and with pride, Any chance of sorting my gut out Dud's? Already planning my next and it will be at DNA. Cheers guys, see ya soon

johnathon cooper
Wadebridge, Cornwall - Tuesday 21st of July 2009 - 11:20

Dud - just want to know if you can cover up a cover up? thanks shell x

tregurrian, newquay - Sunday 19th of July 2009 - 21:19

Simon recently inked an exact portrait of a wolf i wanted doing on my arm, with roses. Awesome job, my favourite tattoo!! I will be back soon!

Newquay - Monday 08th of June 2009 - 20:46

dudley did a tattoo on my leg of my father from a photograph. It is brilliant, even better than the picture well done dudley

roy gibson
- Saturday 16th of May 2009 - 17:05

I have 3 tattoos done by Simon. My latest was just last week and is for my 6 month old daughter Jessica - Chinese Symbols to reflect the meaning of her middle name. Excellent tattoo studio and the only one I would use. Thanks.

Simon Lewis
United Kingdom - Wednesday 15th of April 2009 - 12:32

Dud!.....What can i say?? I own the finest example of a motorhead tattoo on the planet thanks to you!!!

Danny Faulkner
essex - Wednesday 08th of April 2009 - 12:00

My daughter and I come to your studio every year, When we come on holiday, Your artwork is sensational and we love you. Thanks for all your fabulous work.

Barbara Knowles
Birmingham - Wednesday 01st of April 2009 - 10:07

I came in with my own design, I honestly thought it would be to difficult to do as it was complicated. The design copy was brilliant and the Tattoo was the BEST I have had. The Tattooist was very friendly. I AM coming back!

St. Blazey - Friday 20th of March 2009 - 20:31


Par - Saturday 14th of March 2009 - 15:32

alright dud long been a long time will get down soon 4 something nasty all the best wayne

- Tuesday 10th of March 2009 - 23:29

I am wanting my tattoo on my ankle re-made, and when i have found a design i like i will be in touch.

St Austell - Monday 02nd of March 2009 - 14:36

Hello. Very GOOD Site

USA - Wednesday 25th of February 2009 - 12:55

Been in away in the in the Army for 9 months cant wait wait to come back home for some tattoos

Brittany Cook
Dayton, Ohio - Monday 23rd of February 2009 - 00:28

seen your article in the TATTOO mag want to start working on my next sleeve would like to see more pics of what you have done thanx

millmont, pennsylvania, usa - Thursday 19th of February 2009 - 17:44

Was worried about getting a portrait tattoo, as the tattooist neds to be spot on. Many thanks Dud, not only for my best tattoo yet, but one of the best I have seen, hoping to have many more from the DNA studio. Andy

Andy Price
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire - Friday 13th of February 2009 - 11:29


ST.DENNIS - Monday 01st of December 2008 - 20:26

Got my tattoo done by the ever so friendly Dudley and I love it... I waited 7 years to find someone who could do what i wanted and he did... Any time you want to see the Flumps then let me Know,Dudley!!! :-)

blackpool - Thursday 20th of November 2008 - 20:01

Thank you Simon for a great tattoo. I was unhappy with a star I had on my wrist which was done at another tattoo shop. Simon totally re-did the star and added a lovely design underneath it. Its perfect and I love it! Will definately be back for more!

Bristol - Monday 03rd of November 2008 - 16:45

Great site, keep up the great work

Russia - Thursday 30th of October 2008 - 19:41

i like tattoo

Thura Thaw Tar
myanmar - Tuesday 28th of October 2008 - 07:10

we had tattoos done by simon of a 4 leaf clover and a dragon.really impressed with what you done will be back for more.

adrian and tracey
st.austell - Sunday 12th of October 2008 - 20:16

Thanks Simon for the first 2 sessions on my dragon sleeve and chest peice, over the moon with it and cant wait to have it finished...take care and good look with the blu-ray player.

Richard Turner
Birmingham - Sunday 12th of October 2008 - 12:32

Thanks guys for my tat, it looks fab, one of the best ive had done, deafo will come back to you for the rest. Thanks again!! x

Gemma Hamilton
aldershot - Tuesday 30th of September 2008 - 13:05

Hi guys, Great to be tattooed by you last week! Thanks for the flag Simon, & thanks Dudley from Perrie for the fantasy lady!! Take care, See you next year, Alison & Perrie

alison french
Waltham Abbey - Thursday 18th of September 2008 - 20:55

thankyou guys!..loving my tattoo(thanks simon!)..watch out for the rat!....regards kev

kevin jefferies
sofa - Saturday 13th of September 2008 - 10:17

looking for new tattoos

Dawn Lorraine Freeman
sherborne dorset - Friday 05th of September 2008 - 22:40

Hiya Dud, Just looked at the web site for the first time tonight. Looks MEGA ! Saw Ben the other day, his stomach looks quality ! Not for me though, according to him it was a 1 way ticket on the pain train !!Keep up the good work! Best Wishes Dan Jarvie EVERYMAN AN EMPEROR !

Dan Jarvie
3 Para - Wednesday 16th of July 2008 - 17:27

thanks for another amazing tattoo have recommended you to all my friends

joanne farmer
taunton somerset - Tuesday 08th of July 2008 - 21:17

Hi Dud, Simon and Grace. Just been in for my annual tattoo this being my sixteenth year and eighteenth tattoo. Once again Dud has done a fantastic tattoo. I came in on Monday and to my suprise i could not see Dud sitting in his chair. I later found out that Dud had not been very well. It was with great pleasure that I recieved a phone call saying that Dud was feeling better and that i could keep my appointment on the following Friday. I sincerely hope that Dud continues his recovery. This Man/friend is the best Tattoo artist that i have ever had a tattoo done by. I can recommend that should you be thinking of having a tattoo done then pay a visit to DNA, the cleanest and freindliest place I have ever set foot in. See you next year for sure. Bob (the cat man)

Bob Wiggins
Tamworth,Staffs - Tuesday 08th of July 2008 - 16:36

Very nice web site I will be visiting. Mathew Anderson studio-tattoo.com

Mathew Anderson
USA - Monday 23rd of June 2008 - 16:13

hi guys ( dudley, simon and grace ) - great to see you all again yesterday. the tatts are looking great, as always! cant wait to see you all again in 3 weeks for more!!

Juliet and Rob
Port Isaac - Tuesday 17th of June 2008 - 11:37

Cheers Simon the colors are looking gorgeous see you next week :)

Newquay - Friday 13th of June 2008 - 18:51

Been coming to Atlantic Coast Tattoo (now called DNA) for over 14 years, on and off having tattoos when we come on holiday. Phoned today and got an appointment for July, cant wait to come back, hope you remember us Dudley. Will be posting you some artwork of the names we want tattooing, and will also send a deposit. xx

Sally & Shane McDonald
Derbyshire - Friday 23rd of May 2008 - 22:11

Just had the most amazing cover up in the history of tattooing! Simon has excelled himself in his chosen art and he has done me the most original, fantastic dragon, that I could have wished for. He has surpassed all of my expectations and I would recommend Simon, Dudley and last but by no means least Grace, to anyone wishing to get a tattoo (the real thing). I will be back as soon as finance(wife) dictates it! Thank you for making it such a pleasant experience and a good crack as well. See you all soon.

Matt Jones
Truro - Thursday 22nd of May 2008 - 20:40

Had my first ever tattoo here and I love it! got another 5 now and want too make it six. Recommend this studio anytime

st austell - Tuesday 13th of May 2008 - 10:56

hey Dudley! seriously thinking about coming back to see you...but not for the back piece..yet!

newquay - Monday 12th of May 2008 - 21:43

love this place.........ive had 4 tats done here and im hoping to have my 5th in august 2008 when down there on holiday..great friendly staff...love the lollies..........

shantel tankard
clifton brighouse west yorkshire - Sunday 11th of May 2008 - 19:27

I have just come back from Newquay today, after having my second portrait done, by Dudley. It is fantastic and really lifelike. I cannot stress how nice Dudley, Simon and Grace are and what brilliant tattoo artists they are. If you are serious about getting a tattoo then this is the place for you!!! I cannot wait to get more done. Thanks Dudley, Daisy loves it and she says she now loves you!! See you soon xx

kerry jones
truro - Friday 02nd of May 2008 - 19:47

Had a celtic cross done with my twins names in it, thats Dudley looking well smart. See u on monday to have my koi fish.

richard (jasper)
roseland - Saturday 19th of April 2008 - 21:52

Enjoyed looking through your portfolio, definitely some amazing work. Will be in Cornwall in July, might be in contact with you to set something up for then.

Edmonton, Canada - Thursday 17th of April 2008 - 04:59

Dudley is a quality artist and has a great studio and friendly staff. i will definitely be back and highly recommend his studio.

nick hawkes
frome-somerset. uk - Monday 14th of April 2008 - 19:20

Hello! I enjoyed looking around Your web-site. Keep up this great resource! With the best regards

US - Monday 14th of April 2008 - 17:52

hey you guys, just a quick note to say hi and to let you all know we had a little girl called betsy mae. we are as miserable as sin here!!! will be down in may, want dud to do cobweb on elbow! love to you all. x

lee, michelle and sonny
n.yorks - Sunday 16th of March 2008 - 20:27

A truly amazing experience. Dudley, Simon and Grace make you feel really at ease. I had a tattoo done by Dudley on my left shoulder of Brandon Lee as the Crow with script underneath. The job exceeded my expectations.See you guys again real soon.

Truro, Cornwall - Sunday 02nd of March 2008 - 17:47

i really want another 1 done but cant think what i want! see you soon

Gareth Maiden
St Columb Major - Sunday 10th of February 2008 - 23:07

hey guys, had a few tats a couple of years ago and i shall be coming back this year to get a sleeve done. keep up the good work!

ross ratty
st austell, kernow - Thursday 24th of January 2008 - 21:51

Hey guys hows it goin, hope u all had a gud xmas and new year, cheers for the tattoos Si, ill b back in soon for another u guys rock!!

Oli Russell
Newquay & Wales - Monday 14th of January 2008 - 15:10

Hey thanks for my sleeve its been a long old haul but nearly there and is awesome lookin forward to havin my last patch of empty skin filled in Have a cool xmas may see you all before i go back to sea.... Tim

Tim Tutton
PADSTOW - Monday 17th of December 2007 - 19:27

Hi, came in thursday 8th November for my tattoo with Simon, just wanted to say cheers for the work. Hope to see you soon,Many thanks as well from Richard & Lisa.

Derbyshire - Sunday 11th of November 2007 - 15:39

Friendly , clean , great work. Highly recommended. See you soon simon.

Keith Buscombe
St.Austell , Cornwall - Wednesday 17th of October 2007 - 17:41

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Dudley for my triquetra tattoo (celtic knot),I absolutely love it, hope to see you again next May or September, still really keen on getting that Amy Brown fairy sleeve! Keep up the good work. xx

Wendy Jaycock
Oxford - Thursday 27th of September 2007 - 14:18

thanks Simon im really pleased with the tattoo you did. Best tattoo studio in the world - will be back for more sooon!

west midlsnds - Tuesday 04th of September 2007 - 12:20

Hi. Not been able to get down this year so far for my 15th tattoo done by Dudley. Will be trying to get there as there is nobody else that can tattoo like Dud. This is the best tattoo studio in this country. Bob.

Bob Wiggins
- Friday 20th of July 2007 - 14:40

Hi Guys Not sure when the name changed not been down for some time all our tats still look great keep up the GREAT WORK take care see you soon

Keith &Kim
Reading - Wednesday 11th of July 2007 - 19:15

Looking for glorious angel tat on my back complete with moonbeams and clouds in black and grey and a shimmer of white what do you think folks is it worth travelling to Cornwall

Billy r
grangemouth Scotland - Wednesday 04th of July 2007 - 11:00

Just been reading the guest book and agree with all the comments made about the artists both Dudley and Simon are excellent tattoo artists and Simon is currently doing some gangsta japanese stuff on my legs. Big up the Cat Man

cornwall - Saturday 23rd of June 2007 - 11:28

thanks for the fab tattoo will be back in august for another !!!!! would recomend these guys to anyone !!!!

west midlands - Monday 04th of June 2007 - 11:17

hi just a note to say thanks to simon for the tattoos on my back last week they are healing nicely now.. would recommend these guys anytime be back next year for another just got to decide what to have thanks again chris

milton keynes - Tuesday 29th of May 2007 - 20:49

thanks mate, I love my Neptune hope see u again,enjoy your divings (uk,hawai.usa

antonio tavares
portugal - Thursday 24th of May 2007 - 22:16

i love the new site!

cornwall - Thursday 24th of May 2007 - 10:02

hey Dudley thanks for doing a great job on my wings they are healing nicely :) ill see you guys soon, nice to see some of your work in the galleries now too :)

Newquay - Wednesday 23rd of May 2007 - 15:49

Hi Dudley, Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the fantastic job you did on my Thai Elephant tattoo-I am so pleased with it. Baz and Julian will be down soon to get theirs finished off. Gemma :-)

Gemma Coast
Crewe - Wednesday 25th of April 2007 - 14:07

Coming on our summer hol in July and will defo be paying a visit for a new tattoo ive been longing for,but could never find the right person,its only a few cherry blossoms but didnt want just anybody doing it and after reading this site,i now cant wait for my hol,cya soonxxx

vicky west
Notts,uk - Monday 02nd of April 2007 - 12:29

Had 5 tattoos done by Dudley delighted with all, I would recommend DNA to get a great tattoo, hope to get another this year myself

Sunny Treviscoe Cornwall - Tuesday 13th of March 2007 - 21:49

hi guys, just wanted to say hello.will be down to see you again soon. thanks simon for the recent ink.

norwich - Friday 09th of March 2007 - 14:53

Thanks Dudley for the Maori design, everyone says it looks great. Be in touch soon to sort out another great tattoo. Would definitely recommend a trip down to Newquay to visit DNA Tattoo Studio.

Lee Austin
Plymouth - Thursday 01st of March 2007 - 18:55

Whats happening fellas? I am soon leaving MEX-ifornia and going back to the DC area thank goodness. Glad to see you are updating the site. Have a Guinness for me guys. Later, Clint

ventura ca - Monday 26th of February 2007 - 04:09

Hey guys I just returned safely from Iraq. Wanted to say hello to you all. Miss you guys and I plan on having a few Guinness to celebrate. Later guys MFEMFEM

ventura ca - Wednesday 15th of November 2006 - 03:35

Thank you so much for the tattoo you did behind my ear, it is much better than i ever expected! x

lerryn udy
newquay - Friday 10th of November 2006 - 09:28

the barbwire tat that u did on my wrist is the nuts! would recommend if u go to Newquay check this place out, definetly see you again soon cheers!

scott harrison
essex - Thursday 02nd of November 2006 - 11:12

thank you every much for the art work u did on me and my mum the chiness signs on my arm are great and the cat on my mums foot is brill thank you hope to c u all next year

matt belsford
stockport - Monday 23rd of October 2006 - 15:55

Just a line to say thanks for the brilliant artwork.You are all very special... Luv n Respect Paul

Kernow - Thursday 12th of October 2006 - 16:44

I absolutly LOVE my new tattoo. Thank you Dudley for the awesome design, it is beautiful. Look forward to coming back for another one.

Cat Walker
Bath, UK - Monday 25th of September 2006 - 17:45

Hi guys thank you for my Minnie Mouse its awesome, especially the writing underneath. Still cant believe you have never done one before. That makes me unique!! Will be down again soon for other one you quoted me on. See you soon

daniel gibbons
haywards heath west sussex - Monday 25th of September 2006 - 14:10

I just want to say how much I love my new tattoo. I know it was a bit difficult to do but im so pleased with the result, thank you so much! its healing beatifully.

Rosie Marks
Lostwithiel, Cornwall - Friday 22nd of September 2006 - 19:21

Wow! Love my tattoo sooo much! Dudley is amazing, great artist. Thanks alot. Hope to be back for another one soon. Xx

Bodmin, Cornwall - Tuesday 12th of September 2006 - 15:52

I was on the original guest book from 1997, Awsome work will be down in 2007 for my full back done, Polly great artist, see you lot soon

steve neville
newcastle upon tyne - Sunday 10th of September 2006 - 21:30

Hi Dud, many thanks for the Trooper AND the Number of the Beast on my chest, simply awesome!!!!! See you all soon, probably in the New Year.

Marty Collins
Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk - Wednesday 23rd of August 2006 - 19:25

Had my first one done by Polly in June 95, returned in September 95 for the second. Still love them and people still comment on how new they look. May be back soon for another, maybe on the leg this time.

Scott Hayes
Birmingham, England - Thursday 17th of August 2006 - 11:53

It is against the law (Tattooing of Minors Act 1969) to tattoo anyone under 18, and there is no such thing as parental consent, any more than your parents can take you to a pub and get you drunk because they say it is OK. Obviously the shops you have been to are respectable professionals as they would not do it; there are many scratchers out there who will do it, but beware of the results Ė if they donít care about the law they wonít care about you or your tattoo. If you are 17 then there isnít long to wait and then you can have whatever you want, without seeking the help of amateurs with no ability to carry out the work.

Newquay - Monday 14th of August 2006 - 10:58

hi im 17 yrs old and realy want a tattoo but evrywher i go uv gota b 18, does any1 kno anywher that does tattoos 4 under 18yr olds with parental permission??? thnx!

swindon - Sunday 13th of August 2006 - 17:08

Dud just a thanx mate to you Simon and Grace like visiting old freinds, made so welcome and the tatts - what can i say - genius .cant wait for completion

Garry Cooper
Ashton under lyne - Wednesday 02nd of August 2006 - 22:35

Yet another annual tattoo done by Dud.Anyone looking for a Tattoo you should pay a visit to Dud and Simon and you will never go anywhere else.

Bob Wiggins
- Thursday 20th of July 2006 - 12:56

Dud, top man the tattoo of the elephant on my leg looks the bollox, thanks mate. p.s I'll send you a pic of it to Simons e-mail address

London - Wednesday 19th of July 2006 - 10:33

i have heard about tatto which is for 3to 8 years. does that exsist

norway - Tuesday 11th of July 2006 - 17:25

Just had my dragon tat finished - it starts from the top of my shoulder to my wrist on my left arm. it's great Dudley has done all me tats and its true wot they say when you have one tat you will come back for more. great job Dudley lookin forward to my next one I did for you to do.

john barrasin
st columb major - Sunday 02nd of July 2006 - 12:00

hi i dont know alot about you. sorry. i would like to know about how you got started really, how you made it into a shop as my partner is finding it hard even though he alot of custom including cover ups from main stream shops. if could help i would be very grateful.

walsall - Tuesday 27th of June 2006 - 14:01

hi dudley,over the moon with my wolf tattoo everyone that has seen it has said the detail is fantastic looking forward to my next tattoo in july thankyou very much.

liskeard - Saturday 24th of June 2006 - 22:53

Dudley is the best artist I have seen - his work is so crisp and full of detail. If you are thinking of gettin a tat there is no-one better for the job. lookin forward to gettin mine finished on the 30th of june see you soon Dudley.

john barrasin
st columb major cornwall - Friday 16th of June 2006 - 13:08

Hi Dud,thanks for sorting the lads out when they came down.Hope to see you soon

garry cooper
ASHTON U LYNE MANCHESTER - Thursday 08th of June 2006 - 22:57

Your tattoos rock - they are outstanding for quality and colour, the tattoos are expertly done and I think you should show more of the portraits. i was recommended to visit this page from a friend who gets tattooed here, he was so right!

- Friday 12th of May 2006 - 14:09

WOW!!..... how cool are your tattoos! minted...............! if you want one you gotta go here the best place in da world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

st austell - Tuesday 09th of May 2006 - 09:17

Hi we are planning events for 2007 and have come up with a "rock music & tatooist convention" weekender to be held at the waterside village holiday centre last weekend in january. Any tattoists wishing to attend with stalls please contact me on 01502 730200 or email ian.waterside@hotmail.co.uk thanks.

Ian Mortimer
waterside village suffolk - Tuesday 25th of April 2006 - 14:44

what can i say - the man's a genius p.s so is simon

garry cooper
ashton-under-lyne - Tuesday 11th of April 2006 - 18:18

Hi, nice site!

USA, London - Tuesday 04th of April 2006 - 09:40

cheers dud excellent m8e thanx for all your hard work

oxfordshire - Sunday 19th of February 2006 - 21:10

Loving how my biomech Alien cover is coming on. i still get suprised when Dudley freehands work like he does even though this is my third session on it! I will and always will recommend one place to be tattooed and that is Atlantic Coast! ps Miami Ink?!?!?!?!? Whats that all about!

St Austell - Tuesday 24th of January 2006 - 16:08

Finished my arm awesome and then my symbols on my back, great work thanks ........

Andy Pennie
Hayle - Monday 23rd of January 2006 - 00:41

I have had 5 tattoos here and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. Simon is great!!!! Coming back in 2006 for plenty more. THANKS

Miranda Waldron
Nottingham - Friday 20th of January 2006 - 16:32

Hello! First time here. This site is very interesting. I like it! Best Wishes. Dorothy.

Dorothy Mackiton
United States - Thursday 05th of January 2006 - 16:28


Newquay - Saturday 31st of December 2005 - 21:04

Happy new year!

- Tuesday 27th of December 2005 - 14:57

happy xmas everyone

oxfordshire - Friday 23rd of December 2005 - 18:50

Nice work, webmaster.

- Friday 23rd of December 2005 - 17:12

Hi Guys, I love your site.It is excellent and I am always impressed when I see great body work. I am a piercer at MoonShin Tattoo in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I work with ChucksterofTO,Evel Evelyne,Pain and Gwan Soon.I am going to invite them to veiw your artist work.It is great!! BoBo

Mississauga,Ontario,Canada - Thursday 22nd of December 2005 - 02:11


STOKE ON TRENT - Tuesday 22nd of November 2005 - 06:36

Hello! Thaks from me to you job this is site! Sorry for my poor english:(

USA - Tuesday 22nd of November 2005 - 04:21

You Coool!!! ;)

USA - Sunday 06th of November 2005 - 03:03

Cool site

Arts - Saturday 05th of November 2005 - 13:05

Came across the site by chance, but now I'm here I plan to stay!

London - Friday 04th of November 2005 - 18:41

is a nice site so keep it up..

maga gochez
london - Friday 30th of September 2005 - 13:09

Hi! May I aks you who did design for this site? I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all :) Yours looks much better I guess. Im trying to find someone who are really great designer.

- Monday 26th of September 2005 - 07:04

Hi, surfing the Internet I came across your great artistic site. I thought it would be nice to congratulate and send greetings from An

- Sunday 25th of September 2005 - 08:51

Just came accidently to your site and didn't want to leave without posting a message. Keep up the work!

- Saturday 24th of September 2005 - 08:50

hi. i've read glowing reports on several of your wolf tattoos. i'm wanting a specific wolf tattoo myself, but, as i'm in n.yorks feel cornwall is just a tad on the far side. would you possibly be able to recommend any wolf "specialists" a bit further north for me please ? Thanks.

duncan wilson
scarborough north yorks - Saturday 24th of September 2005 - 03:32

Just to remind anyone with too much time on their hands that all entries go through an admin page - so save yourself the trouble of sending advertisements or stupid messages because you won't see them here.

Atlantic Coast Tattoo Studio - Tuesday 20th of September 2005 - 18:00

Came in on monday for my first tattoo. Dudley you did a great job - everyone loves it, even my mum! I expect that I will back at some point to get another design done. Guess tattoos really are addictive. Take care guys.

Helen Pierce
Loughton, Essex - Wednesday 07th of September 2005 - 15:13

Another update from here in Cali. Things are pretty crazy right now with Katrina hitting the South. Many of my military brothers are on the ground doing what they can to help people survive. Doesn't look likely that I will be coming to visit this winter with all this going on here. Hope all is well with the studio and Newquay. Another summer is coming to a close for you guys and I hope it all went well. I am looking forward to getting out there when I can, all the best my friends. Clinton

Ventura, Ca - Monday 05th of September 2005 - 16:19


- Friday 02nd of September 2005 - 15:44

Went for a coverup Saturday 21August 2005, once again another work of art.Words can't do justice to work! many thanks, see you next year!

stevenage - Tuesday 30th of August 2005 - 17:45

Went for a tattoo - came away with a true work of art absolutely fantastic - true profesionals, superb people, brilliant experience would recomend to anyone. I am a customer for life.

Tom Jefferies
stoke on trent - Sunday 21st of August 2005 - 10:32


Dingwall - Tuesday 16th of August 2005 - 19:12

I walked in with a specific design in mind and Dudley matched what I wanted perfectly. He was also willing to take some pictures during the session. I put together a quick web page to show my family what it looks like at http://www.hedgewriter.com/tatt.htm Amazing quality and atmosphere in the shop. I will continue to recommend Atlantic Coast to all my friends. See you for the color in a couple of weeks.

Newquay - Saturday 30th of July 2005 - 18:06

Hey guys how are things in Newquay? Sorry I have not been out this summer, Navy taking up my time. Not sure about this year, maybe in the winter. I will let you guys know. For those reading this that dont know me. I have been going to ACTS since 1997, this one the best damn Tattoo studio in the world. I am sure that I have seen more of the world than most of you so I do have the experience. These guys are the best. Miss u guys very much. Later Don't be afraid, Clint

Ventura Ca. - Saturday 30th of July 2005 - 03:10

Got my very first tattoo done last Monday when I was in Newquay and I love it! My boyfriend was that impressed with it that on the Friday he went and got one himself, they're both healing great and we can't wait to come back next year and get inked again. Sorry I don't know the tattoists name but he's the one with the beard (admin - that would be Simon), thanx so much for fitting us both in.xxx

Mansfield, Nottingham - Monday 25th of July 2005 - 14:16

aloha again. I realized I put my website address in the email spot. Oops. You can contact me at tattoodex@yahoo.com Later, Derek

derek nelson
denver colorado - Saturday 23rd of July 2005 - 09:09

I am coming to Newquay in December, and wondered if either of you would be around. I would love to get another piece while over. My wife and I spent our 10th anniversary in Newquay in 2000, and Polly redid my wedding band for a fiver! I would love to hang out and chat again. Dud, thanks again for the conversation and inspiration. I'm sure you don't remember me, but if you ever need an artist, my family lives in Newquay, and I am always looking for a reason to take the kiddies to their grandparents. Enough B.S., Polly tell your beautiful daughter hi, and Dud, let me know if you want to visit Denver. Derek www.tattooderek.com

denver colorado - Thursday 21st of July 2005 - 09:04

Just a big thanks, Myself and some friends came in for a friend to have a cornish flag done. Top quality. The best studio i have been to. higly recommended. Thanks for letting me check out the shark designs. No other studio i've been to would have been so accomodating. Will definitley be back at the end of the summer to spend some cash, Keep up the good work, Awesome site by the way!!!!!!

Lee Ireland
Plymouth - Tuesday 19th of July 2005 - 20:54

This is the best damn site ever !!!

Destiny Caldwell
North Carolina - Friday 15th of July 2005 - 09:10

13th year down at Duds and 15th tattoo done by Dud.They just seem to get better every year.If you're thinking of having a tattoo done then Dud is the best in the country. Thanks Dud and see you next year.One well satisfied customer once again.

Bob Wiggins
Tamworth,staffs. - Friday 08th of July 2005 - 18:12

hi guys, just wondering if polly's still in newquay or morocco cos i wanna come see her soon!!!!!

manchester - Thursday 07th of July 2005 - 18:08

buenos dias... viele liebe gruesse aus ffm. coole seite... in den shop gehen wir noch. hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald mal wieder. lg, jana + tina

- Tuesday 21st of June 2005 - 22:58

I had my first tattoo done on Friday,really pleased with the whole experience and the tattoo is healing up nicely. Thanks very much - my husband will be down soon to have one too!

Oxford - Monday 13th of June 2005 - 14:32

I like your site design.

Tallinn - Saturday 11th of June 2005 - 01:27

Nice website! Best wishes to you.

Jake R
Behind a PC - Monday 06th of June 2005 - 05:03

Hey guys whats up? Big weekend coming up huh. Sorry I cannot make it to Newquay, the navy sometimes works that way. Not much of a choice in this one. Hope all of you are donig well, give my best to everyone. Miss you guys, I might make it across the pond later this summer. Later guys. ACTS ROCKS!! Clint

Ventura Ca - Saturday 04th of June 2005 - 18:46

I have has several tattoo's from you, and getting one done this Monday. You are the best. Thank you!

Mel Hale
Newquay - Friday 03rd of June 2005 - 14:04

im looken for the ulimate tribal wolf tattoo and i cant find the bleed'en ting anywhere!!!

Da preacher
Ireland - Tuesday 31st of May 2005 - 16:11


CAMBRIDGE - Monday 30th of May 2005 - 16:38

looking for a great cover job.

wolverhampton - Tuesday 24th of May 2005 - 17:03

Cant wait to come and get started on my arms-hope youve free appointments? Hope to pop in this week to show you idea and see if you can do:') Hope alls well!

Bridge,nr portreath - Sunday 15th of May 2005 - 13:11

Hi, nice site! Keep up the good work!

New York - Friday 13th of May 2005 - 22:39

hello all, dudley tattooed both my ankles, last 1 start of this year, the para wings 4 my dad. will be back the end of may 2 have my arm done. my ankles look blindin, see you all soon! x

peterborough - Tuesday 10th of May 2005 - 22:10

best tattoo artist ive been to and i went to the number 1 in L.A. definatly gonna be back for a forth hehehehe

Kerry Rooney
Scotland - Thursday 28th of April 2005 - 20:42

cool studio, the best iv been in, and the guys are realy cool too, you have restored my faith in tattooists, real pleased with mine.

hull east yorkshire - Wednesday 20th of April 2005 - 09:38

Was in last weekend having some custom stuff done, and was really impressed by the professional and friendly atmosphere. Cheers Guys!!

- Friday 15th of April 2005 - 21:47

hello all i came at easter i had a sea horse done i love it so much and my dad had red put round his tatto on his back its so cool so thank you to the lady who done it im goin to be back in cornwall at the end of may so im coming back to have the shadding done and my boyfriend wants one so ill bring him up thanx again xx bonita xx

bonita perry
birmingham - Wednesday 13th of April 2005 - 18:40

your studio is ace, and i'll be seeing you on may the first, for more ink

Norwich - Tuesday 12th of April 2005 - 00:50

just looking

england - Monday 11th of April 2005 - 18:27

eight years 11 tats 600mile round trip (each time). foot all healed up see u all in may luv mick & lou

burton on trent - Wednesday 06th of April 2005 - 10:39

hey im a high school student in my careers class and i need to do a report on the career i plan to take up in the future. i would really appreaciate it if someone would be willing to answer some of my questions e-mail me

Michael Pierce
Indiana USA - Monday 04th of April 2005 - 15:30

just want to look at your pics

england - Sunday 03rd of April 2005 - 15:06

Just a quick hi to everyone and to say will be booking in this summer for the third part of my tattoo on my back so dudley get thinking! hehe and also to sy that i saw a msg of segun in feb and wanted to give him my email address coz aint spoke to him in years so get in touch take care people xxx

Tanya Lefort
Middlesex - Friday 01st of April 2005 - 02:39

I had my first tattoo done a few weeks ago and simon was fab! I am a total needle phobic wimp but it was really okay. So pleased Im going back for more of the same!!

wadebridge cornwall - Thursday 31st of March 2005 - 16:29

Had many tats done by Dud,Polly and Simon all are fantastic and planning more !!!!

Simon Kinsella
Sleaford Lincs - Saturday 26th of March 2005 - 09:25

Hey guys I am almost off this island in the middle of no where. Sorry I will not be visiting on my way back to the USA. Will try to make it it June. My 2 pin-ups still look incredible definitely still worth the pain. Best damn tatt studio in the world. Dont let anyone else touch your skin but these guys. Later bros Clinton

Diego Garcia BIOT - Sunday 20th of March 2005 - 03:17

I waited until I was 35 to have my 1st tattoo, now I am hooked.

Steelton, Pennsylvania. U.S.A> - Sunday 06th of March 2005 - 05:16

Had my first tattoo done yesterday and would like to thank Simon for a great job on my blue celtic sun. Kye also loves hers! We'll see you soon

Pool, Cornwall - Friday 04th of March 2005 - 12:42

love it, keep it up

- Thursday 03rd of March 2005 - 20:48

Hey, just wanted to say when I was down in Newquay last year spur of the moment i got two tattoos done. I love them both n just wanted to say thanx. Coming down next month so il drop by! x

Wolverhampton - Thursday 17th of February 2005 - 20:46

Just Checking it out!!

Oklahoma - Monday 14th of February 2005 - 17:52

Can you tattoo black guys ?

Macquarie Island - Wednesday 09th of February 2005 - 11:41

i would just like to thank Polly for the very small lettering she did on my chest on Sunday past, she made me feel very comfortable and it was so much fun, she even let my girlfriend watch. thanks Polly

gareth harper
northampton - Wednesday 09th of February 2005 - 11:34

Aloha, I was just browsing on your sites looking for some tatto design's to put on my back. I looked everywhere. I'm trying to look for a particular one. Something like the Tiarie flower from tahiti. If you could kindly help i most appreciate it. Thank you, Tamarin Manuha

Tamarin Manuha
lahaina,HI - Monday 07th of February 2005 - 23:18

Great little tribal on my leg. Hurt alot but well worth it. Cheers, hope to see you again in Summer

Surrey - Thursday 27th of January 2005 - 12:32

nice site, have had tatts done by Dud before and just booked our holiday around having another tatt done in July, so see you soon.

Northants - Saturday 22nd of January 2005 - 16:02

see you in august

mark timson
leicester - Monday 17th of January 2005 - 00:39

Hallo!Thank you for 4 new tattoe,s,they are very nice and my daghter and me will say, see you later.How are you?Many turister,how are the weather?This is the first letter i wrote in English,hadden`t English at schoole so it`s many fail.Hope you understand me.The pictures you took of me,the tiger,snake ,was theire nice too?So goodbye from Norway!

Norway - Saturday 15th of January 2005 - 15:36

Thanks polly for my cover up and thanks to dud for finishing it off it looks ace.Looking forward to the next arm being done in the next week or two .Tim from padstow.

Padstow cornwall - Wednesday 05th of January 2005 - 21:22


Newquay - Friday 31st of December 2004 - 13:59

fab tattoo studio, if anyone is considering getting a tatt done make the effort and come here,friendly,professional and fab artists will be returning in 05 to get another tatt and maybe a piercing!!

jacquie cooper
teignmouth,devon - Sunday 28th of November 2004 - 22:59

BIG THANKZ to Simon, the new Tatt looks great (yes it's still very sore!) am typing with one hand!! Daz & Maz are pleased with theirs too, so thankz to Dud! Daz and Me are already planning on wot to have done next so we'll see you soon. PS Simon get yer hair cut!!!!

Hinckley - Monday 22nd of November 2004 - 21:52

what a week! ed looking fantastic plenty of comments about them thanx. cant wait 4 december

- Friday 05th of November 2004 - 19:00

Thanks Dud mate another great piece off work my DAD would have loved it because i do thanx very much mate. ps thank simon for our Lee also he made up with his.See you soon in 2005 all the best Garry Marley ps get john and jimmy ready

Garry Cooper
Ashton-U-Lyne - Sunday 31st of October 2004 - 21:13

guess who got this far on her little key pad !!!!!iv also just put a link on .why was it not there when it was so easy to do ?????????.do i have a guest book or does that get done over there....see you later.

front room - Wednesday 06th of October 2004 - 00:07

I was on holiday recently in Cornwall, and i visited Atlantic Tattoo for my latest tattoo, which was of my pet cat that recently died, it was so good that when my family saw it they all cried, because it was so much like our dear departed Daffy. Thank you Dudley for doing such a wonderfull job. I recomend you to all of our friends. Thanx a lot, see you all next year.

Barbara Knowles
Birmingham - Sunday 03rd of October 2004 - 20:27

Dud is the ultimate inking machine, respect.The tattou's i got this summer have turned out a treat.Everyone at atlatic rocks. see u next year! ...jason

wakefield - Saturday 02nd of October 2004 - 12:24

Hey just i quick thanks to polly for doing my cover up 2day.still needs to be finished yet so i will be back when i get back from sea to see dud or simon.Will be over to see you polly .Thanks again polly you are shit hot.

padstow cornwall - Wednesday 29th of September 2004 - 20:24

just like to say dudley done my girlfriends tattoos and mine. he is very friendly so i would say to anyone who would like a tattoo done then go see dudley at atlantic coast in newquay. 5 stars its the best

john barrasin
st columb major cornwall - Sunday 19th of September 2004 - 22:25

just wanted to say A huge Thanx for my stripe, Si and to everyone there for adding some extra creativity to my 3 years at falmouth. I'll be back soon!!!

manchester - Thursday 16th of September 2004 - 09:09

Hi im after the playboy bunny design just woundered if u could help me please

lisa hawley
Nottingham - Wednesday 15th of September 2004 - 09:28

Thanks Polly for great jobs, Nearly healed already, Thanks Dud & Simon . ps Did you look at our website, Good luck ... Steve & Les xxxx

Steve & Les
Stoke & St Ives (Cambs) - Monday 13th of September 2004 - 10:19

Simon done a great job of the tiger on my leg, when i get a chance i will get a piccy off to him as well as getting booked in for the shading to be done. Cheers Si great job as always

Tilbury, Essex - Saturday 11th of September 2004 - 10:10

Once again, another big thanks to Polly and Dud. A massive thanks to Polly for finishing my arm with tribal, and to Dud for Colin's portraits of his children. Hope things go well for you Polly, you will be missed!!! See you all fairly soon!!!!!!!

Marty Collins
Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk - Wednesday 01st of September 2004 - 19:00

came in on friday 20 08 04 for a dragon tattoo by dudley no words can sum up work of art many many thanks

m walker
- Wednesday 25th of August 2004 - 18:42

wont 2 cover me tattoo is this posssible 2 do have a bull dog with colour can u cover it

wednesbury - Friday 20th of August 2004 - 00:03

Thanks to Polly for the freehand tattoo you did on Richards shin. Well it originally started last year on outside leg, came back for addition on shin this year but three days later he HAD to come back so you could go all way round! He's never had so many comments on a tattoo before - everyone who sees it is stunned by how great it looks. Mark was not happy that he'd only had a few stars added to his arm and Richard had this beauty! Thanks to Polly and good luck to her for future! He will be back to get more from Dud or Simon though - guaranteed!

sarah young
Leicester - Thursday 19th of August 2004 - 23:00

had a tattoo done on monday 2nd aug.at 1.30. thought you were very professional, and i am very pleased with the outcome. planning a trip down soon from ashton u lyne with a few friends that want tattoos. hope to have beckhams angel done. thanks a lot, see u soon

tim longsden
- Tuesday 10th of August 2004 - 18:13

Thanks to Polly for doing my second tattoo !! Harley (My sons name ) Looks lovely.And thanks for fitting my friend in to have her second tattoo done after she cancelled her appointment ! xxx

Alison carr
Camborne Cornwall - Friday 06th of August 2004 - 14:09

Cheers Simon for breathing a new life into the Micky Sharpz dragon on the RTTS weekend, a classic lives on, just shows you don't need to always cover-up. Be back soon for the background, thanks for the ideas.

Solihull, West Mids - Monday 02nd of August 2004 - 20:14

I visit your tattoo studio every time I take a Holiday in beautiful Cornwall. and I am addicted, I have so far had two tattoos from you, and I intend to have more. I have every confidence in your tattooists, and I recomend you to all of my friends. Thank You All.

Barbara Knowles
West Midlands - Thursday 29th of July 2004 - 19:21

love looking @tat's like to get another

Vandalia Il. - Sunday 25th of July 2004 - 10:07

Dud, I will be coming to London on the 30th of July and staying up there until the 6th or 7th. Then planning to come down to Newquay from then until the 16th or 17th. Hope that is cool? E-mail me and let me know what is up! If not I will call you when I am in London. Later, Clinton

Diego Garcia - Thursday 22nd of July 2004 - 02:25

when r u havin new pics on website

oxfordshire - Tuesday 20th of July 2004 - 17:22

got a brain now

oxfordshire - Tuesday 20th of July 2004 - 17:20

Dudley, Pol and Si. Respect as usual. Good to see you guys on Sun 4th July. Biomech is healing nicely and looks awesome. Poor 'ol Pete recovered pretty quickly!!! ;)

Bristol - Friday 16th of July 2004 - 11:16

Hi Dud and the gang. Just to let you know Gene's been doing his walking advert bit for you, and we're bringing a friend down in November to hopefully have a couple of tattoos done with you. How did the house buying go in Morrocco Polly? See you first week of October... Be warned, we'll have the 'mums' with us again. Take care, Pauline & Gene xx

Gene & Pauline
Aldershot, Hampshire - Thursday 15th of July 2004 - 22:02

hope u r ok dud give me a call mate not got your new mobi number take care pal j

driffield - Tuesday 13th of July 2004 - 00:15

Another big thanks to Polly and Dudley!!! Polly for the amazing cover-up on my arm, and to Dud for Col's design. We will see you both in August!!! Col and Marty!!!

Marty Collins
Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk - Sunday 11th of July 2004 - 09:22

I had a fantastic design done on my lower spine, i found a design i liked on line with a tribal bit and a nice butterfly in the middle. I contacted u guys and you were incredibly helpful and i booked my appointment, had it done on the 26th June, the tattooist was brilliant even improved on the design by colouring the butterfly in a blue and white. Im so chuffed with it, it's healing well. I also popped in to speak to the piercing people as i had my tongue pierced in Exeter the week before and it turns out they pierced it too far back and wonky, wish id had it done at atlantic, they were very helpful told me what to do and i complained to the people up here, had it taken out and having it redone, but thanks again for showing such professional advice. Ill be back soon for my fourth xxxxx

Becki Allen
Exeter - Saturday 10th of July 2004 - 09:58

Dudley. Just a quick hi to say thanks again for the tatt. My foot is healing well and I'm really chuffed with it - it's beautiful. See you soon. Gina

Bristol - Tuesday 06th of July 2004 - 20:21

Just a quick thank you to Polly for my gorgeous celtic butterfly which you did on my foot on Sunday 4th July! It's a bit crusty at the moment but I love it and have had loads of good comments about it! See you soon! Sara x

Sara Wray-Bliss
- Tuesday 06th of July 2004 - 11:02

Cheers for my lovely fairy, dudley. She's still a little red, and the boney bit at the top of my spine is very tender, but she has created a lot of interest and I can't wait until she has healed properly. See you soon for my winged heart!

Newquay - Friday 02nd of July 2004 - 14:48

its nice....

riyadh - Thursday 01st of July 2004 - 03:10

I had an exquisite flower fairy tatt done by your goodselves about 3 years ago. It's still beautiful and I get so many commments. I'll be back for another when I come home to the UK. Til then, big love and cheers folks! xxx

Now CA - previously Newquay - Tuesday 22nd of June 2004 - 15:53

Hey Simon.thanks so much for the two tattoos you did today....the moon is amazing.....and my kids love my spider :).....fangs also for the other advice ;) and i found the website you mentioned....its great thanks a lot !!!

Newquay - Saturday 12th of June 2004 - 02:03

i had my first tat wiv u guys on sat and i just wanna say thanx cos its gorgeous and its healing really well and il be back again in the future! take care xx

Amy Engley
At. Austell - Tuesday 08th of June 2004 - 13:31

Had my first tattoo today,i was very nervous however you all made me feel very relaxed and were highly proffesional.The lady on reception is a real credit to atlantic coast,both on the phone and in person.Thankyou to all of you xx

Alison Carr
Camborne,Cornwall - Thursday 03rd of June 2004 - 21:03

Hi Polly, Dud and Simon. Will be seeing you all in 3 weeks time, for another superb set of Tatts. Polly, I will be seeing you for a cover up, you are the best!!!!!!!!! Love Marty, Colin and Emily

Marty Collins
Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk - Sunday 30th of May 2004 - 01:26

haven't been down for a while.got a lot going on in my life what with having to move soon and my new job.have another design(just a small one) ready and waiting.so expect a visit soon .hope you like the emails i've been sending you?

new polzeath - Wednesday 26th of May 2004 - 11:56

I had a tattoo done about 3years ago, of a dragon wrapped around a black rose. absolutely love it, just one problem - now have the tattoo bug, will be back in Newquay in September and will be visiting you for maybe another one, a little bigger this time perhaps!!

Wendy Jaycock
Oxford - Monday 24th of May 2004 - 13:23

thanks very much for my butterfly tattoo, I love it!

newquay - Friday 14th of May 2004 - 19:48

thanx guys for my lovely tattoo!been to ur studio once a year to get a tattoo, its time for this year.Do u do any own designed tattoos? pls e-mail me back if its possiable!Thanx!

st.ives - Tuesday 04th of May 2004 - 14:36

Got the tribal on my arm there 8 years ago on my birthday while living in a tent and working at Trevornick. All the guys from the site came to the studio to watch me sweat. The tat still reminds me of one long, hot surfy summer and I can still taste the pint I had in the Central just afterwards. Cheers chaps!

Brighton - Tuesday 04th of May 2004 - 01:59

thanks 4 my tattoo but i picked it and now it is crap i really mest it up

northampton - Thursday 29th of April 2004 - 11:45

hey guys missing all of you all of you . just droping a line to see how every one is, i've got my own welding shop now for about 4 years now but im still tryin to get my ass back over to see all of ya.all of my ink is still perfect, spf50 rules ! but i got the itch bad!give me a shout miss all of you , ken Warren will be in NEW JERSEY this summer with me.call us

Kenny Akerman
Point Pleasant New Jeresy ,USA - Thursday 29th of April 2004 - 08:12

I had one of my tattoos done over in your studio and it rules. i might be coming back in the summer so i may have to drop in again and have a look at some more designs.

Surrey - Wednesday 28th of April 2004 - 11:44

the studio's wicked,the people are top and really friendly they couldn't be more helpful. They do ace designs I'll defo be going to get my first there.

Kate Baldwin
coventry - Wednesday 14th of April 2004 - 19:27

Are the tattoos on your site copyrighted? I love the black rose tattoo and was thinking of getting it done on my back, Girly? maybe, but fuck that, it rules!

Peter Mulligan
Ireland - Thursday 25th of March 2004 - 21:16

hey people! coming over to newquay in a bit with some cash, aiming for a tattoo of my own design. fancy emailing me to check it out to see about price and time etc? cheers again for doing my mum's fairy lol she's still chuffed with it. tlk soon ~xXx~

st austell, cornwall - Monday 01st of March 2004 - 11:59

ACTS, Whats up guys? I am still here in Coronado for training. Things are pretty good here, instructors here have been kicking our asses. But it will be worth it in the end. Hope all is well in Newquay, I miss it. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still alive and kicking. I will be in touch and fill you in about my training. I cant wait to get over and get some ink, I am getting desperate for some. But will not ever go to anybody else. Later, Clitnon

coronado ca. - Monday 23rd of February 2004 - 01:32

Thank you so much Simon for my butterfly. I whimpered and yelped all the way through it and you were great. I absolutely LOVE it, it was well worth having it done, and I would recommend ACTS to anybody that wanted a tatoo. Also thanks to Polly for giving me a cuddle, and the guy that felt faint and had to lay on the bed while I having my tat done... you don't know how much better that made me feel for the whimpering I was doing *grins*

Woking, Surrey - Friday 20th of February 2004 - 13:43

I am looking for pictures of a playboy bunny for a tattoo if you can help me please e-mail me

weippe idaho - Thursday 19th of February 2004 - 16:15

Hi Polly, thanks for the negative turtle on my calf, i love it. can't wait to get back to have it finished and put with a ray.

philip withington
manchester - Wednesday 21st of January 2004 - 11:14

Had a tattoo done at your place about 4yrs ago, hoping to return sometime this year for another one. Looking for a 'tri-yang' design, can you help at all. Not looking for anything with too much colour just red,black and skin. Hope to see ya soon. T'rah for know

CARDIFF - Tuesday 13th of January 2004 - 19:26

another great weekend - hannibal looking, good ellens coming back for more so am i very shortly see you in 6 weeks if not before PS ATLANTIC COAST is the MUTTS NUTS thanx again for all your work dudley and simon

oxfordshire - Monday 12th of January 2004 - 22:36

I am the secretary of the ATAPIC, the Canarian Island Tattoo-union. Your guestbook came up when entered tattoo tenerife, we are trying to make a list of all tattooshops on the canarian islands , so please let me know your adress, thanx, Machteld from Fuerte Tattoo

Machteld Corthouts
Fuerteventura - Monday 12th of January 2004 - 15:44

Thanks Dudley for giving me my wings I Love them and can't wait for the next one !!! Amanda

Newquay - Saturday 10th of January 2004 - 15:34

happy new year to you all

oxfordshire - Thursday 01st of January 2004 - 21:19

happy christmas dud i will see you very very soon !!!!!!!!!!

wayne hare
oxfordshire - Thursday 25th of December 2003 - 11:14


Dudley & Polly
Newquay - Wednesday 24th of December 2003 - 14:21

Polly / Dudley and the rest (especially Grace). Not been down for a while (over a year) but have just spotted my cover-up on the site (Reaper-Bio) and also my dads hand Gecko. A few of us will be back in the new year for more additions. You never know, i may even let Polly loose with the tattoo gun as she keeps threatening :) Have a great christmas and new year. See you all soon. Jason

Manchester - Wednesday 24th of December 2003 - 11:34

Dud, cheers for all the work done since August - theres a lot of it; people think I'm mad with the tats I have but we know that's not true - have a happy xmas and new year to you all ps hope shrunken head gets a new wheel for xmas and polly gets more guinea pigs thanx wayne

wayne hare
oxford - Friday 19th of December 2003 - 22:38

Hi Dudley. Just to say thanks for the tattoos - we're both really chuffed with them. We're back in Cornwall again early next year, so we'll be in again then. Hope you have a good break over Christmas. Cheers, Simon & Gina

Simon & Gina
Bristol - Wednesday 10th of December 2003 - 13:24

Hello Dud. Just a short note to say how chuffed i am with the "Mason & Bailie" tattoo (lower back, done in june). Sorry i haven't been in touch sooner. Hope you all have a good christmas. See you soon 'cos i need a big celtic tat on my back to match my forearms!!

Rugby - Wednesday 03rd of December 2003 - 06:50

Dudley what can i say - excellent work. you know what i like - sicker the better.can we do Polly with her head cut off? see you in 2 weeks thanx wayne

oxfordshire - Monday 01st of December 2003 - 21:04

Dud, I havent heard from you in some time dude. I have sent you a few e-mails and you havent gotten back to me. I hope I am sending to the correct address, Dud senme an e-mail so I have the right address. Give my best to all at the studio. Later, Clint

SanDiego Ca - Sunday 30th of November 2003 - 23:24

Hi all, My right shin is healing very well, little or no scabbing - will be seeing you soon. Dave

New Polzeath - Thursday 27th of November 2003 - 15:02

Love my tattoos! Good work Simon.

Storm Alteryus
Truro - Thursday 20th of November 2003 - 23:48

cheers dud for 2 more excellent tats - 12 in total, I need more, the cross is looking good. See you soon - any chance this weekend? ha ha.

oxfordshire - Monday 17th of November 2003 - 21:11

Hey guys, cheers for the tattoo 2 years ago dudley, its still lookin awesome! Will be back for my next one very soon. Ta for the piercing too ;) You rock! :)

St.Austell, Cornwall - Monday 10th of November 2003 - 13:48

Got my first tat done with you and I am coming back for more soon!

Leanne Visser
Devon - Friday 07th of November 2003 - 13:52

Dear Dud, Another great visit to your studio our thanks to Polly, Simon and your good self for 3 more great tattoos. See you all in May - get John n Freddie ready, Garry marley

Garry Marley
ashton under lyne - Sunday 02nd of November 2003 - 15:24

On holiday last week in august, the no fear eyes l had done on the back of my head turned out really good. had a lot of comments about them, mostly good. looking forward to coming down again for some more work to be done.

coventry - Saturday 01st of November 2003 - 15:59

Whoops...was looking for designs to get some ideas for a tat that i want to create based on polynesian crossed with 50's pin-up. If anyone knows of a good tatooist in London or a site, would appreciate a nudge in the direction. Thanx

London - UK - Friday 31st of October 2003 - 19:16

pics came out excellent

- Thursday 30th of October 2003 - 18:08

cheers for the pics - looked at booth's newest 50, can we do # 33.

oxfordshire - Wednesday 29th of October 2003 - 20:19

Dud, Just wanted to say hi dude, I am near all the wildfires here in Cali. Smoke and ash everywhere man, it is really crazy. My training has not started yet but things are getting pretty intese. Had my ass handed to me last week by one of the instructors. Miss you guys and cant wait to get over in the summer, I am craving some new ink. Still will not let anyone touch me but you guys. Give my best to Simon, Polly, and John. Talk to you soon, Clinton

Coronado Ca. - Tuesday 28th of October 2003 - 20:33

thanks for the excellent work dudley - kebab looking good, hoping to see you in feb

oxfordshire - Tuesday 28th of October 2003 - 20:01

Just had amazing work done by dudley and simon, thanks a lot guys can't wait to come back!

Storm and Celestine
Truro - Monday 20th of October 2003 - 18:27


NORTHUMBERLAND - Tuesday 14th of October 2003 - 22:01

Hi Polly and Dudley, Already having a couple excellent tattoos done by Dudley I decided that I would like to cover up one of my old tats that filled allot of my arm. I e-mailed a picture of my tattoo that I wanted covering up and Dudley said Polly would be the best one for this particular piece. When I went for the tattoo I sat in the chair and, Polly drew a new design, "freehand" straight over my old tattoo. My arm is now something I can be proud to show off and matches the excellent tattoo's that I have already had done at your studio. You are true professionals, Many Thanks, Neil

Midlands - Saturday 04th of October 2003 - 12:55

Hi Polly and the gang I was in your studio about 3 years ago and had some work that i am very proud of. Now i would like to get more. I thought that you said you guys had a shop in Hawaii. I am on my way there soon and hope to find it and get some work done. thanks for my ink

Monte Thiesse
here and there - Wednesday 24th of September 2003 - 23:36

Dudley did Lola Bunny on my arm back in '98 and she's still as sexy as ever. Last time I left a msg on here, some guy emailed me wanting to see a pic and I'm sorry if he reads this but there's no way I'm having someone copy her! She's unique to me and I'd like it to stay that way. When I come back to the UK for a visit, I'm going to stop by and have another tat done. Thanks guys!

Brit living in the US - Tuesday 23rd of September 2003 - 21:25

Fay, if you send a valid email (the one below is inoperative) I will advise you.

Newquay - Thursday 18th of September 2003 - 22:12

i wnt to know how to become a tattooist im leaving school soon and i wnt to get started plz help

bedford - Thursday 18th of September 2003 - 13:23

Thanx for the graet pics!

- Sunday 14th of September 2003 - 22:35

recently visited your excellent studio on the last day of my hols - only had great comments about the standard of your work since i returned home! thanks for making my 1st tat an excellent experience ....have you checked up on salvador dali yet?

Burnley , Lancashire - Sunday 14th of September 2003 - 00:50

Hi, friend of mine recommended that I look at the Marley cover up here as it was the best work he'd seen. He was right!! I hope I'll be able to visit for some work myself some time in the future :o)

Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancs - Friday 12th of September 2003 - 01:04

To Simon, thanks for sorting out my bad british bulldog and st Georges flag on my leg. Its healed 100%. See you soon for a St George on my back.

Southampton - Sunday 07th of September 2003 - 15:06

we have two tatto shop in tenerife we want work for two months in uk

elena and luca
tenerfe (spain) - Tuesday 02nd of September 2003 - 18:17

me and my husband come nearly every year to have tattoos done by polly, my last one was a baby with wings on my thigh, and then my daughters name on my back, cant wait to visit polly and dud again, we are currently thinking of designs for next tattoos. love sal and shane

derbyshire - Tuesday 02nd of September 2003 - 00:02

To Dudley and Simon thankyou for our fantastic tattoos. Craig's back and Melinda's foot are healing nicely and look fantastic. Thanks for giving us a brilliant end to our holiday. See you soon for some more!

Craig and Melinda
Rossendale, Lancashire - Saturday 30th of August 2003 - 16:26

Another big thanks to Polly (for doing my dragon in double quick time), and Dud, for his Judas Priest masterpeice on Colins arm. See you all next year, whilst Colin will be seeing you in December, right dud??? :-)

Marty Collins
Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk - Tuesday 26th of August 2003 - 20:17

Hi all, im looking to get a tahitian design tattoo anyone know where i could get one? email me. I've read loads on peolple saying that you have to be careful cos loads of them are sacred family crests n that. cheers.

Newcastle - Sunday 24th of August 2003 - 17:21

had great weekend in newquay but having our tattoos done with yourselves made it extra special. you managed to fit us in, our persistance paid off!

helen & nic bristol girls
bristol - Monday 18th of August 2003 - 16:44

had work done with you 2 years ago very pleased, will be back for more work soon, long way to travel but what a great place to visit. cheers to all

colin earrey
crewe cheshire - Sunday 17th of August 2003 - 15:25

Thanks to Polly for the impressive first stage of cover up on Phils big brown bear. Healing well, and he is so much happier with his arm now. Nice to see you all again.xx

- Wednesday 13th of August 2003 - 13:46

hi ya all, new site update looking good, hope to pop in soon for a chat as I've got a few more ideas(small ones).see you soon

new polzeath - Tuesday 05th of August 2003 - 15:59

Another big thanks to Polly, Dud and Simon for another superb set of tatts!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!! See you all in August for some more TattS!!! From: Colin, Emm and Marty

Marty Collins
Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk - Saturday 26th of July 2003 - 23:44

hi polly, yes i'm still alive,coming down end of next month, healing going great, bloody essex! hope you are all well and jules is ok? william is helping a lot! see you soon ben x (i'll be back!)

hell! - Wednesday 23rd of July 2003 - 13:56

Hi Polly long time no see, Iain not coming over this year but maybe next so.........! and yes I am still flashing my tatts!!

wadebridge - Wednesday 23rd of July 2003 - 09:37

i am going to college to train to be a tattoist but where in coventry can u go to learn?

coventry - Saturday 19th of July 2003 - 19:59

I had a small cross inked on my neck (top of my spine). The studio was excellent and the tattoo artist was cool which made it a very good experience. I highly recommend you go to this studio if you want a tattoo in Newquay.

Richard Yeowart
Preston - Thursday 17th of July 2003 - 16:28

i think ur website is really cool! i am only 15 years old, but am looking into been a tattooist, my dream job! email bk if u have any information on how to start up this career that u think may b useful to me. thanx, heather

heather griffin
- Wednesday 16th of July 2003 - 14:23

now then! Ady here! Mike sent me the photo of my tat! I'm impressed with Dudley's work, and can`t wait till sept for more! hope your all well! see ya soon.

grantham - Tuesday 15th of July 2003 - 21:41

thanks again for another great tat polly. nice to see you all again and hope to see you all very soon. p.s. adys tat looks exellent dud.

mike blackburn
grantham lincs - Monday 14th of July 2003 - 15:01

Yet another tattoo done superbly done by Dudley.This one was a back piece done in two sessions.Well done Dud and thanks very much. See you next year for yet another one.PS the only tattoo studio I shall ever put foot in so clean and tidy with the best Tattoo artists I have ever seen.

Bob wiggins (cat man)
TAMWORTH, STAFFS - Sunday 13th of July 2003 - 20:52

hiya ppl just wanted to say that i think your web site is V.cool,hope you are ok.have you seen sue an dan?maybe you know who im talking about,maybe not any wayz im off take it easy X

London - Saturday 12th of July 2003 - 20:55

Just had my arm cover-up finished by Polly. Great job done, everyone likes it! Which is nice. Booked in for one more in Aug can't wait! Keep it up, cya soon.

lowestoft - Wednesday 09th of July 2003 - 19:46

I have had two tattoo's from you, my first with Jim and my second with Polly. I will not go anywhere else as they were so professional, their prices are reasonable and they have the best selection of tattoos. I am planning on having my third done this year with them.

Shelley Allen
Swindon, Wiltshire - Sunday 06th of July 2003 - 21:52

well dudley its been nearly two years since u did my first tat2 (nautical star between color bones[PAIN!!!!]) and im now officially addicted im 1 off double figures but with any luck ill be going into it by finishin of my right arm!! mayb ill b down sum time in the future for u to add to my ever grownin collection!! thanx andy! andy wharton <> tadley, hampshire uk

andy wharton
tadley, hampshire uk - Sunday 29th of June 2003 - 23:48

Welcome to the best dam Tattoo studio in the world. I am fortunate enough to call the staff of this fine establishment my friends, and friends for life. No matter where I travel in the USA people always ask "where do you get your work done?" and with pride I let them know ACTS. If you have work done in this studio you are getting some of the best work in the world, and you should appriciate it. Miss you guys. Wish I could visit this summer, but I will have to come over next summer. Have a Guinness for me. Later, Clinton

Washington DC - Saturday 28th of June 2003 - 01:35

Nice one Dudley,waited 12mths to see you update fantastic.Enough to keep us busy till October,cover up looks realy good on there.Both of them,hope your all well GARRYMARLEY,SUE,AND BOYS

Garry Cooper
ashton under lyne manchester - Thursday 26th of June 2003 - 19:16

Welcome to the new Atlantic Coast Guestbook, we are always pleased to hear from friends old and new - so get writing; but those who post advertising or stupid messages will not see them here, so don't waste your time.

Newquay, Cornwall - Monday 23rd of June 2003 - 19:10